OffSet® Sole Single Bass Drum Pedal

• Top craftsmanship, engineering, speed and smoothness make this a professional quality pedal.

• Backed by the OffSet 2-year Limited Warranty. 

• 30-day "Try Me" Satisfaction guarantee.

• Free–standing pedestal design with upper transverse beam and solid metal base plate for maximum strength and rigidity.

•Smooth bearing-loaded heel plate and height adjustable pedal board.

 •Large 12.5” long x 3.5” wide foot pedal, among largest in the industry - for either heel-up or heel-down techniques.

• Radius adjustable drive wheel - The only pedal in the  industry on which the diameter of the drive wheel can be infinitely adjusted from 1.5” to 3” with only a drum key.  This allows drummer to adjust the drive wheel from a speed cam to a power cam and anything in between with no parts to get lost.

 • Spring shackle lugs thread into a locking nut keyed into the body of the shackle, totally eliminating the possibility of them stripping out.

• Fully adjustable concentric double chain drive.  (optional direct drive kit available)

• Dual drive springs for increased response and sensitivity.

Spring-loaded anti-skid spurs and Industrial Strength Velcro on pedal base for zero movement during play.

• Adjustable beater holder with 1” lateral adjustment.

• Hard-soft mallet with adjustable weight-marker.

Center-mounting Swivel-foot hoop clamp which eliminates all lateral torque on the bass drum hoop.

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