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I was exposed to my mother’s music, early in life.  

Formative music: classical, jazz, swing, Broadway musicals and early R&B

First drum lesson – second grade

Music Ed thru High School – Chorus – Band – Orchestra

First Professional job – 14 years old  - Jay Moore Polka Band Mid 50s

Passed NARD exam at 15 yrs old #3920 year 1959 

Saw Gene Krupa at Atlantic City that year.

R&B Band late 50s early 60s

Saint Vincent College:

Clark Lamendola Trio 

Jazz Trio 1961 – 1962

Football Scat Band 1961 – 1962

University of Pittsburgh Varsity Marching Band 1963 - 1966

The Day After Psychedelic Band late 60s

Cut The Mustard – Southern Rock Band 70s

Slammer – Glam Metal Band 80s

Issue – Contemporary Rock Present

Every year when we were kids my mother would take us to New York City to see the Broadway Shows or the Rockettes.  We would vacation at Ocean City, New Jersey and go up from there.  We always spent one day at the steel pier in Atlantic City.  It was there that I met with Gene Krupa backstage after a show by the Gene Krupa Band; at the time my age was 15.

I have never gotten over the sound of a Broadway Musical or the Pit Orchestra.  It’s a unique sound, very vibrant and powerful and needs to be heard to be appreciated.


History of Design

When I was playing for Cut The Mustard, I was using double bass drums.  What I really liked about the set-up was the location of the mounted toms, that is directly in front of me.

The design for the Off-Set Pedal came about because of the desire to get the mounted toms directly in front of me while still mounted on the center of the bass drum. The only way to do that was to have the bass drum directly in front of me.  So I set up the bass drum with mounted toms and placed the throne directly behind the center of the bass drum and sat down. BINGO!  On comes the light.  I needed a pedal on the right and a pedal on the left. I then purchased two relatively inexpensive double bass drum pedals from Musician Friend, tore them apart, hand-made the parts I needed from them, and fabricated the rest of the parts needed to build the first prototype.  Although very simplistic in form, the unit was sound enough to demonstrate the validity of the concept.

The pedal debuted at the 2003 summer NAMM Show.  The very first person to try it out was the orthopedic surgeon from Texas who raved about the ergonomics of the design relative to the drum positioning and body positioning.  “Better on the back, legs, hips, and arms. It’s like sitting down to dinner” were his exact words, and he is right!

He purchased a pedal from me the next month! 

After three years and many mock-ups and models, we now have the third generation Professional Grade OFF-SET Double Bass Drum Pedal.

January 2018

In January 2018 Mountain States Distributing LLC purchased the patent, brand, tradenames and assets from Charles Fisher.  We were intrigued by the product design, quality and uniqueness.  It is our goal to make Mr. Fisher's product and dream more widely accessible to drummers around the world, as it is superior to any other double pedal on the market.