OffSet® Bass Drum Pedals

  • OffSet® Eclipse Double Bass Drum Pedal

      OffSet® Eclipse Double Bass Drum Pedal • Bi-laterally symmetrical design creating a unit where both pedals can FEEL IDENTICAL. • No Left or Right, always centered. • Top craftsmanship, engineering, speed...

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  • OffSet® bass drum pedal hard carrying case

    OffSet® Hard Carrying Case double bass drum pedal

    OffSet® Hard Carrying Case fits the OffSet® double bass drum pedal.   Heavy duty molded shell provides rugged protection for transporting your OffSet drum pedal.  Lid has water-resistant gasket for water and dust protection...

  • OffSet® Direct Drive Conversion Kit

    OffSet® Direct Drive Conversion Kit Fits OffSet® brand Double bass drum pedal.  Manufactured with precision micro bearings for absolute response and control. Includes: 2-drive assemblies, 4-cam screws. Free shipping applies only...

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