OffSet® Eclipse Double Bass Drum Pedal

• Bi-laterally symmetrical design creating a unit where both pedals can FEEL IDENTICAL.

• No Left or Right, always centered.

• Top craftsmanship, engineering, speed and smoothness make this a professional quality pedal.

 Better stereo imaging when miked up.

• Backed by the OffSet 2-year Limited Warranty. 

• 30-day "Try Me" Satisfaction guarantee.

• Free–standing pedestal design with upper transverse beam and solid metal base plate for maximum strength and rigidity.

• Center ribbed base plate for maximum rigidity.

•Smooth bearing-loaded heel plate pedal board.

Two 12.5” long x 3.5” wide foot pedals among largest in the industry - for either heel-up or heel-down techniques. 

• Radius adjustable drive wheel - The only pedal in the  industry on which the diameter of the drive wheel can be infinitely adjusted from 1.5” to 3” with only a drum key.  This allows drummer to adjust the drive wheel from a speed cam to a power cam and anything in between with no parts to get lost.

• Spring shackle lugs thread into a locking nut keyed into the body of the shackle, totally eliminating the possibility of them stripping out.

• Fully adjustable concentric double chain drive.  (optional direct drive kit available)

Quad drive springs for increased response and sensitivity.

• 7/16” Tempered U-joints with dust covers for long lasting life. (industry standard is 5/16" no covers)

Spring-loaded anti-skid spurs and Industrial Strength Velcro on both pedal base and center beater housing for zero movement.

• Completely independently adjustable beater holders with 1” lateral adjustment each.

• Independently height-adjustable pedal boards.

• Hard-soft mallets with mallet shaft keys.

Center-mounting, Swivel-foot hoop clamp which eliminates all lateral torque on the bass drum hoop.

• Twin drum key holders with drum keys.

• Prevents hip displacement and joint stresses caused by traditional placement of standard pedals.

• Extremely ergonomic drum-centering design.

Free shipping applies only to contiguous 48-US States.


Pedal spread:  

Pedals come standard with short rods.  Long rods are available upon request prior to order.

Based upon the pedal boards placed slightly back of even and the heal of the pedal board inclined slightly toward center.  Measurements are to the center of each OffSet™ pedal board and are approximate.

Long rod:    Closed = 25.5”.        Open = 28”.

Short rod:        Closed = 22”.           Open = 23.5”



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Skeptic Converted

Steve on Feb 8th 2023

Ok… To start off, I am not someone that typically takes the time to write reviews. This remains true even for products that I think are great (it is something I’m trying to be better at, because I certainly read reviews and use them as part of my decision making process.) Now, with that out of the way, I really wanted to take the time and write a review for the Offset Eclipse Double Bass Drum Pedal. Below is that review and a little bit of history how and why I found myself looking for such a product after nearly 40 years of playing drums. I started playing drums at the age of 8 years old and purchased my first drum set (a used Pearl Export 6 piece kit with double bass drums) with the help of my mother at 13 years old. I loved that kit and slowly added more cymbals and other percussion pieces as I save my money from working in the restaurants, my paper route and other odd jobs around the neighborhood. By 16 years old, I was playing in multiple bands (hard rock and heavy metal) all with people in their early to mid-twenties, all with hopes of being a famous musician. I had massed a rather large drum kit and eventually upgraded the quality of the drums to Pearl’s Custom Z 9 piece double bass kit with 24” bass drums. This kit was massive and spread out requiring a speed, fluidity, and flexibility that I can’t imagine at my current age. In 2009, I sold that kit and “downsized” to a DW Collector’s Series kit. This kit is still large at 8 pieces, but it has a single bass drum and much smaller tom sizes (3 up, 2 down configuration, 22” bass drum with DW 9000 double pedals, and an additional right side snare) making it much more compact and easier to play. As the years have gone on, I sustained a serious back injury (at my day job) making it very difficult to play over on the right side of my kit without invoking debilitating levels of back pain with any amount of playing duration. In the beginning of 2022, I had come to the conclusion that I was going to sell all my drums and stop playing as I just could not stand to look at them just sitting there. I had made up my mind that I would never play again. Shortly after that decision, my young sons both started gravitating towards the drums. When I told them I was going to get rid of them, they both started to cry. Well, that wrecked me, but I still had to figure out a way to be able to look at the drum kit without frustration. The best way to do that was to play the darn things! My research began and I stumbled onto the Offset Eclipse Double Bass Drum Pedal. The concept of becoming ambidextrous was of no interest to me, but balancing out the kit making it so I didn’t have to twist as far to the right and aggravate my existing back injury was of interest. Even with that, I was extremely skeptical of a “one-off company” and began looking for bigger more established companies that might have embraced the same idea. I looked, and looked and found a couple other “off-shoot” companies, but none that made me feel comfortable about sending them my hard earned money. I am very capable of building and modifying equipment, so I decided I would purchase the parts I needed and build something that would suit my needs. Well, by the time I would have purchased all the quality components I was going to need for this project, I would have been at a similar amount of money as I would to purchase the Offset Eclipse Double Bass Drum Pedal. This struck me as very odd, and now I was even more skeptical; “how can this pedal be so inexpensive?” The only thing that drove me to give this pedal a try, was the fact that there was absolutely no guarantee that what I was going to build would work well (even though I was pretty sure that it would) and then I would be “out” that entire amount of money. I looked more into Offset and saw they offered a satisfaction guarantee. This is what sealed the deal for me. I purchased the Offset Eclipse Double Bass Drum Pedal. When it arrived, I followed the instructions and set it up. I pulled my existing DW 9000 double pedal off the kit (which, I love) and set both pedals up against a board system I made for testing both pedal against each other in rapid succession. I adjusted the Offset Eclipse Double Bass Drum Pedal system so that it matched my existing DW 9000 double pedal setup as closely as possible (the Offset pedals have slightly longer foot boards, which ultimately I have come to appreciate.) I ran both of the pedals through their paces for a couple hours until I felt that there was nothing more that I could do to make the Offset Eclipse Double Bass Drum Pedal any more similar to the DW 9000 double pedal setup. Then I waffled, and started second guessing myself. I have been playing with my drums in exact same places since purchasing the single bass drum DW collectors kit in 2009. To place the Offset Eclipse Double Bass Drum Pedal into my kit would involve the complete break down and repositioning every single piece of my massive kit and was going to take hours! Well, get busy adjusting and playing, or get busy selling everything! I finally finished getting the entire kit setup to accommodate the Offset Eclipse Double Bass Drum Pedal. I sat down and started playing. The first thing I noticed was that I could play on the right side of the kit without pain in my back! Winning!!! The next thing I noticed was the pedal lag that the right pedal now had due to being a slave pedal. This was compounded when trying to play double bass patterns as my timing was off. I started “third” guessing the decision… After a few hours of playing and frustration over a couple days, I sat down and started playing again. This time, I couldn’t even tell that there was a difference anymore. I was playing the double bass patterns as efficiently as ever, but with a comfort I had not experience in years! I am able to play my single bass drum, much more compact kit, as if I was in my early 20s again (only not quite as skillfully; I’m getting old!) I have no problems with my back and the required twisting to the right or left side. I am loving the freedom this pedal has given me. The pedal build quality is very good and its value far exceeds its price point. I was actually able to have a conversation with the owner of the company the other day where I asked him why he would sell such a good product at such a low price, his response was a very simple, “because I want more people to be able to own one.” This is something that is extremely uncommon in this era. Now, without going all the way down this rabbit hole, I believe it is worth mentioning that you can switch between double chain driven pedals and direct driven pedals for the cost of an $80 direct drive upgrade kit. I did this and the direct drive definitely eliminates a little bit of the perceived pedal lag I was experiencing. With that said, I could not get used to the feel of the direct drive, and what felt like difficulty in adding accent notes to my playing, so I switched the pedals back to the double chains and am totally happy (I guess 35 plus years of playing chain drives has shaped the “feel” I expect.) Direct drive pedals just aren’t my thing, but I reserve the right to try it again in the future and with these pedals that is possible whenever I want to try again. Anyway, if you are like me, and in need of a solution to problems with your back while trying to twist and play the right side of your kit, Offset Eclipse Double Bass Drum Pedal is tremendous solution and worth giving a try. Honestly, if you are in the market for a great double bass pedal that allows a ton of setup versatility without putting your body into a position that is not ergonomic, and in addition to that, will not break the bank, this is your pedal!! There are a ton of great pedals out there, but none that are this versatile and at this relative price point. I am so impressed with this pedal!! Thanks for reading. If you you are on the fence, go ahead and give this pedal a try. I doubt you will be disappointed.

Offset pedals

Cliff Riley on May 29th 2021

I’ve tried many double bass pedals ,the offset in my opinion is the best out there and easy to adjust.

Work wonderfully

Melanie on Sep 13th 2019

I like to practice both left and right sided, and with my old setup that would necessitate switching not just the drums but switching double bass pedals (which was always the most difficult part). Now, I can keep the pedals and snare the same, move a few drums and cymbals and I'm all good. So much easier! The pedals are smooth and it took no time to adjust to an offset setup. Would definitely recommend.

Offset double bass drum pedal

Mike Gerardi on Sep 3rd 2019

Very pleased with the double bass drum pedal.Works great,Thanks for all your help.

Offset pedals

Zack on May 15th 2019

High quality and not to hard to set up


WILL B TARTER on Jan 31st 2019