Listed price is for ONE LONG rod.  Photo is for reference only.

Short drive rods come standard and are shipped with the OffSet double pedal.

These rods only fit the OffSet® brand and no other manufacturers.


Pedal spread:  

Based upon the pedal boards placed slightly back of even and the heal of the pedal board inclined slightly toward center.  Measurements are to the center of each OffSet™ pedal board and are approximate.

Standard Double Bass Drum Pedal

Long rod:    Closed = 25.5”.        Open = 28”.

Short rod:        Closed = 22”.           Open = 23.5”


This item does not ship to the European Union!

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Offset Double Pedal

Tom M on Sep 9th 2020

I purchased the Offset double pedal and extended Drive Rods to position the bass drum a bit further back allowing room for the Hihat to sit inside of the left pedal. Now the Hihat sits a little closer in a more natural position. TheOffset pedal allows me to adjust the ride toms a little lower and the floor toms more forward, allowing much better access to my second floor tom. They also play as well or better than most pedals I've had in the past. Including DW, Pearl and Axis. I'm not a speed drummer nor do I use triggers so I can't speak for that. I think most drummers looking for more ergonomic tom positions would be very happy with these pedals.