Spring and Shackle assembly replacement for OffSet® drum pedals.  Includes shackle, spring and adjustment screw.

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Spring & Shackle Assembly fits Offset Drum Pedal

Johnny Monroe on Oct 26th 2020

I bought this to replace the original assembly on my early model double pedal purchased in 2008. When I received my package, the first thing that blew my mind was how quickly it had arrived! I then set out to compare this shackle with my old broken one and found another sweet surprise: a slight change that gives this new shackle greater strength and durability. My old shackle cracked at the cutaway that accommodates the tear-drop spring swivel link. It was a much higher cutaway, thus the weak spot. The only other difference I noticed that really does not make a difference in quality is the change from a machined tear-drop link to one that is cast. All in all, this is an improved shackle assembly that is part for part, completely interchangeable with the old one. Now I can continue to astonish every single drummer I let kick some licks on my Offset double bass pedal. Offset rules!!!