Direct Drive Kit & Parts


OffSet® Direct Drive Conversion Kit

Fits OffSet® brand Double bass drum pedal.  Manufactured with precision micro bearings for absolute response and control.

Includes: 2-drive assemblies, 4-screws, 2-washers.


Short drive rods are included with each double pedal.  Replacement short Drive Rods can be ordered separately for use on the OffSet®  Double Bass Drum Pedal.  (Long rods used to come with older versions of the OffSet® Double Bass Pedal.)

Short and Long Rods

Pedal spread:  

Based upon the pedal boards placed slightly back of even and the heal of the pedal board inclined slightly toward center.  Measurements are to the center of each OffSet® pedal board and are approximate.

Standard Double Bass Drum Pedal

Regular rod:    Closed = 25.5”.        Open = 28”.

Short rod:        Closed = 22”.           Open = 23.5”


Various replacement parts are also available upon request.