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OffSet® Direct Drive conversion kit installation instructions.


How to fix loose foot board OffSet® Drum Pedal

Assembly & Adjustment Tips

Make sure the shackles attaching the springs are all tightened into the same position.  There are small notches on the ends of the drive shafts where they attach that you can use as a reference to line them up.

The beaters should also (this can vary based on preference) be between 35-45 degrees away from the bass drum head.  Do this while the springs are loose.

Spring setting...keep the two springs on the center beater assembly a little tighter than the springs on the pedals.  Around 10-20 half turns of the bottom bolt.  That keeps the rebound of the beater consistent and reacting properly.  While on the pedals to preserve a relaxed and controlled feel, the springs are set around 5-15 half turns of the bottom bolt.

After this initial adjustment it's a process of trial and error with adjusting spring tension and angles to create your desired feel.

It can be tricky and take a little time, but with a pedal that can be this finely tuned, it's worth it when it feels exactly the way you want.



Assembly Instructions OffSet Double Drum Pedal


1)       Center the beater assembly between the bottom two lugs of bass drum hoop. Slide beater assembly forward until the hoop contacts the heel of the foot clamp. Make sure front hoop of bass drum is ½” from floor to bottom of front hoop as this is the distance beater assembly raises rear bass hoop where it is attached. This makes the bass drum level with floor and beaters to strike the head correctly.


2)       Depress lever Luntil level with beater assembly base plate and touching the hoop. Tighten Screw D until it touches the lever. Then tighten with thumb screw J.


3)       Push drive rod onto attachment post of beater assembly with flat sides aligned, then tighten lugs. Push drive rod onto foot board attachment post with flat sides aligned, (which raises foot board) tighten lugs.


4)       Note: Pedal is pretty much ready to go after step 3. Next steps are for refinement of settings.


5)       To adjust pedal board height, loosen shackle A and B and lug C on beater housing. Rotate chain drive G until the pedal is at your height. Re-align shackles A and B straight down while holding chain drive G in place. Then tighten shackles A and B.


6)       To set beater angle, rotate outer beater housing H with the beater in place to the desired angle, then tighten lug C. Be sure the outer beater housing is against the sleeve of the inner beater housing M.


7)       The I’s are anti-skid posts. K’s lengthen the drive rods. E’s will adjust spring tension.


8)       Radius-adjustable drive wheel. Loosen lug F and slide chain Drive forward to increase the radius of the drive wheel or backward to decrease the radius of the drive wheel. Then tighten lug F.


9)       Lateral adjustment of the beater holder. Loosen lug C on the outer beater housing. Rotate outer beater housing until the set-screw that secures the inner beater housing cylinder to hex shaft is located through access hole N. Loosen set-screw with hex wrench. Slide beater housing laterally to desired position, re-tighten set screw and reset beater angle according to #5.


10)   To dis-assemble the unit simply remove the drive rods and beaters leaving all other settings the same.


Note: When adjusting pedals to achieve mirror feel on both sides, adjust pedals at same time. Do not adjust one side first and then other side. If necessary, back off all spring and cam settings on both pedals and then adjust equally at same time.